Victoria Alejandra (whatserface623) wrote in any_requests,
Victoria Alejandra

request edit..

Have you x-posted this anywhere else:no
paid account:no
current livejournal style: (generator, tabular indent, default): Generator
page title: Negetive Barbie
entry alignment:(left, right, center) : Center
entry border: (ex. solid, dashed, dotted, inset, outset) solid
border size:(ex. 1=thin, 10=very thick) 3
border color: White
link colors: Pink
link hover color:strike through,
link effects: blinking background
text alteration:
font: Lucida Console
font color: White
font size: 10
cursor: crosshair
scrollbar colors: Black and white..not very good at this..
page transitions: Fade
other overrides: bakground, also if possible please put links for: Friends, Info, Entries and Add Me, u may choose which ever place u think is best for the menu
aim sn: Evilpixiedust8

thankyuo ver much..really hope im not asking for to much! (=

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