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Have you x-posted this anywhere else: nope
Size: 100x100
Text: "Princess Dave"
Text Color: Pink, or any other colour that would look good w/ the pic
Font: soemthing fancy
Animation: could you have the text on a different slide, and have it be sparkly..pleeease
Picture/Background: (link) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/xelizabethemilyx/P1010937.jpg
other descriptions:
email adress: gavindegrawfan04@aol.com
AIM SN: same as email
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Hey I have a silly request/question.

I have a paid account, and I have been working on the code for a bit.
There are a few things that I would like to change, one being I want the time and date stamp to look more interesting, like the day of the week in the back in red with the date or whatever layered on top in black. I have seen people who have this before so its not like something I am making up lol.

Anything else that you can see that you think I should add into the layout let me know. I am always open for suggestions. The only things I really dont want to change are the colors, the format of the layout and the graphic at the top.

Thanks people.